Great Separations

Great Separations is a study guide to help Christians break free from their limitations to accomplish the work of the Great Commission in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit.

We are called to separate what is holy from what is common. When we answer the call, the difference between God-given natural or common gifts, and spiritual gifts becomes evident. They are as different as a sunrise and sunset. Both common talents and spiritual gifts are given by God for a good purpose, and each does its best work when used as God planned. 

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Life’s first breath begins a journey filled with separations. Every crossroad we come to requires that something be left behind. This pathway reflects the invisible spiritual realm, where separations began on day one of creation.
— The Author

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Cho’s book offers an opportunity to consider which aspects of life are natural and which are supernatural. It’s a very helpful perspective as we look for the sacred in everyday life and seek to live as people empowered by God to fulfill our purposes here on earth!
— Nikki Holland

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