Hearts for the Kingdom

Christ Revealed in the Hearts of His People

Christ Revealed in the Hearts of His People, is a great way to get yourself geared up for your mission here on Earth, an impossible mission made possible in Christ. Stir up your passion for the cross of Christ; with a Bible in one hand and this study book in the other, you have the training tools you need to rekindle the fire within you.

This book is a practical, step-by- step course to embolden your heart and show you how to prepare to serve the cause of Christ. Hearts for the Kingdom will take you from the first steps of redemption, to the assurance of salvation, to the disciplines of faith and the challenges of your calling in Christ. Scripture by Scripture, you’ll go from strength to strength as you are prepared for battle.


Treasures of the Kingdom

Christ Revealed in Gifts to His People

Treasures of the Kingdom is not about finding your spiritual gift, it’s not about self-discovery, and it’s not about searching for your niche in the service and ministries of the church. No, the precious treasures given as gifts to the bride of Christ are not found or discovered. They are given with great purpose, as the Holy Spirit wills. This study book will walk you through the Scriptures to lead you to the truth about the gifting and empowering work of the Spirit, which equips you to complete the good works God prepared in advance for you to accomplish.


A Jewel of the Kingdom

Christ Revealed in the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy

A Jewel of the Kingdom is an inspiring trek through the Scriptures on the spiritual gift of prophecy. Going from Scripture to Scripture, like stepping stones through the Bible, the reader is guided into the truths of this powerful, meaningful, and revelatory gift. Readers will find their hearts and souls quickened to the truth of the Holy Spirit’s gifting and empowering work to prepare those who are called to minister and serve in the awesome gift of prophecy, given for the purpose of revealing Jesus Christ.


Kingdom of Grace

Christ Revealed in His Healing Touch 

Kingdom of Grace is a journey through the Bible, offering a refreshing learning experience for small study groups or personal spiritual growth. Cho walks hand in hand with the reader, leading them to Jesus to hear his healing words and to receive his healing touch. He opens Scripture in a way that inspires the reader, opening eyes to see Jesus’ living, active presence as He reaches out His hands through the hands of those who are gifted and empowered to minister His healing touch.