Years of Christian service and lay ministry have prepared Cho Larson to present Biblical concepts and themes through study guides that build up and encourages God’s people to fulfill Jesus’ call to accomplish the work of the Great Commission. Cho’s words offer a refreshing look at what the Christian life is all about. The message has incubated in his heart during years of study, teaching, and writing. His effort to learn godly stewardship of the precious treasures of the kingdom of Heaven has uniquely prepared Him to teach and encourage Christians as they mature in their walk of faith.

Cho has served in various positions of Christian leadership, including Christian Education, elder, deacon, and instructor. His experience made him aware of the struggles each of us face as we attempt to serve in the strength and power of the natural man alone. Cho has also been a first-hand witness of churches being strengthened through the loving ministries of spiritual gifts by the power of the Spirit.

His writing work began in earnest during years of attending the annual Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conferences. The quality instruction and encouragement of accomplished authors and freelance writers was an invaluable impetus in his writing career. The “Kingdom Series” books are the fruit of this good work God has accomplished in him. 

Cho’s new Kalmus series of study books build on the tenants of his first four books to encourage modern day Christians to break free from their limitations to accomplish the work of the Great Commission in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit.

Reviews and praise for the author

Cho Larson is an adept teacher able to illustrate with an artist’s eye. This study guide gives careful attention to God’s Word and is filled with practical insight. Great Separations encourages us as a church moving forward today. Highly recommended.
— Jeff Kincaid

Cho Larson breaks down each of these relevant areas of the Christian walk for readers in what he calls Mission Possible. Taking it in small manageable chunks, along with Bible references, he introduces believers to what a life as a true Christian really looks like.

— Amazon Reviewer


“Clearly-a gifted writer, great study!”

This book had me at hello. The acknowledgments and preface were so insightful ... I can't put it down. This is my first book by this author, but with the authors gift of making things understandable and relate-able, I will read more of this series of study. I knew in my heart God led me to this book. Will be sharing it with my bible study girls. Highly recommend!

— K.S., Amazon Reviewer

“A great resource to understand the differences between natural gifts and Spiritual gifts!!!”

— Amazon Reviewer