Great Separations

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Great Separations

Life’s first breath begins a journey filled with separations. Every crossroad we come to requires that something be left behind. This pathway reflects the invisible spiritual realm, where separations began on day one of creation. God’s beneficial separations have continued throughout time and continue in our spiritual walk even today.

We are called to separate what is holy from what is common. When we answer the call, the difference between God-given natural or common gifts, and spiritual gifts becomes evident. They are as different as a sunrise and sunset. Both common talents and spiritual gifts are given by God for a good purpose, and each does its best work when used as God planned. 

The work of the Great Commission turns into a major obstacle course as nations reject Christian influence and become post-Christian cultures. This mission is too great a task for the church to accomplish by common means. This study guide powerfully portrays the Spirit of Jesus, who manifests Himself in greater measure as Christians separate themselves from serving by human effort alone. This vital work of the kingdom of heaven was given to us on the day Jesus ascended into heaven, and is made possible by means of the anointing, gifting and empowering work of the Spirit.

Reviews for Great Separations

Great Separations takes an in-depth look at Holiness and separation in Scripture. The book begins appropriately in Genesis and continues through the Scripture to reveal the various concepts of holiness, unity and separation.  The walls, gates, thresholds and other elements in Scripture are well explained. This study is pertinent for all in the body of Christ to learn more about the age-old concept of covenant relationship with our God.   

-Mark Philpot

As in Cho’s earlier books, Great Separations will continue to aid the Bible student in his endeavor to search the depth that God reveals to us in His Word. Cho Larson’s Biblical studies have empowered him to write thought provoking study guides.

-Rev. Dave Gruenhagen