Cho Larson is an avid student of the Word and speaks with passion on growing up in Christ and the ministries of spiritual gifts. His gift is teaching, and his words offer a refreshing look at the power packed elements of ministering the living, active presence of the Resurrected Christ. Cho has served in various positions of Christian leadership, including Christian Education, home group leader, elder, deacon, and instructor.

Please contact Cho to schedule a visit for speaking, teaching or book presentation.

Benefits for your church:

  • One free book for your church library

  • $2 dollars for each book sold goes to your church

  • 10% of t-shirt sales goes to your church


  • A three-minute book presentation during your church service

  • A message (20 or 30 minutes) during your church service

  • Author book signing after service

  • One, two or three day seminars


  • Announcement in church bulletin two weeks in advance

  • Include event in your Sunday morning announcements

  • Book table located in a convenient place

  • 36” (approx.) table with stool for meeting, greeting and book signing

  • Allow a donation box to provide Cho’s books for prison ministry

  • Provide a cashier who will prepare signing request cards and collect payments.

Book Information:

Kingdom Series Books

Book One: Hearts for the Kingdom: Christ Revealed in the Hearts of His People.

Presenting the basics of salvation, sanctification and the spiritual disciplines of Christian life.

Book Two: Treasures of the Kingdom: Christ Revealed in Gifts to His People.

Available early 2016: An in-depth study of the purpose and power of spiritual gifts at work in the church.

Book Three: A Jewel of the Kingdom: Christ Revealed in the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy.

Available mid-year 2016: A comprehensive study of the spiritual gift of prophecy, the beauty of the gift and its purpose and effect in the church.

Cho Larson is available to do book signings, teach a Sunday school class or offer a message during your Sunday morning or evening worship services. He is also available for two or three-day seminars following the themes of his books. Seminars may include one, two or three one-hour teaching sessions plus a Q & A session:

  1. “Hearts for the Kingdom

Day 1: Redemption and Assurance

Day 2: Faith Disciplines

Day 3: A Pilgrimage of Faith

  1. Treasures for the Kingdom” (Available spring 2016)

Day 1: Spiritual and Natural gifts — the difference

Day 2: True and Spiritual Worship through Spiritual Gifts

Day 3: Spiritual Gifts at Work in the Church

  1. “A Jewel of the Kingdom.” (Available summer/fall of 2016)

Day 1: What is the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy?

Day 2: Strengthening the Church

Day 3: The Power and Purpose of the Gift

Contact Cho by e-mail to request a seminar synopsis.

To schedule a seminar, a Sunday morning or evening message, or a three-minute announcement during your worship service followed by an after service book signing, contact Cho Larson at Send an e-mail message including your phone number, your location, and preferred dates. Monday through Friday we will contact with you within 48 hours.