Power in Weakness

The Old Testament prophets were mighty ministers of God’s oracles. They encouraged, strengthened, warned, and disciplined God’s people. All they did proclaimed the coming Messiah. They worked in powerful ways that were awesome to witness. Moses parted the waters of the Red Sea. Some of David’s mighty men stood alone and defeated entire armies. Elijah called down fire from heaven and he cut down the prophets of Baal with a sword. Isaiah saw God’s glory shake the doorposts and thresholds of the temple and then fill with the smoke of God’s presence. Ezekiel was lifted up by his hair and then in a vision he was transported to Jerusalem.  Every one of them powerfully proclaimed the oracles of God and through great signs and wonders pointed forward to Christ. But as mighty and powerfully as they were, they only saw the reality and promise of Christ from a distance.

            Fast forward to the birth of Jesus. Did God choose a man of power and stature to fulfill His promise of a Messiah? Was Jesus born in a palace as the son of a king? No, the Lord Almighty, Maker of all the heavens and earth chose Mary, a weak vessel, to accomplish this good work. Our Lord and Savior came in humility and with signs of weakness. He was born as a baby and placed in a cow’s manger. He was began his life in Bethlehem, a no-account town. He grew up in Nazareth—and everyone knew that nothing good ever came out of that place. The prophets of old proclaimed God’s Word with powerful proclamations, signs and wonders, but the Messiah they looked forward to came into the world in weakness.

            Have you been given a gift of weakness? Have you been blessed with a position of weakness? Be encouraged in this: God’s power is best manifested in weakness. Through weak vessels God moves to redeem, to help, to heal, to comfort, to encourage, to strengthen, and to lead—because His power is best manifested in weakness. Celebrate your frailties and limitations. You might even boast in your weakness, knowing that you are being molded and shaped as a useful vessel to advance the kingdom of heaven.